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Having entered two-storied wooden house you will get into a spacious drawing room, from panoramic windows you will see the magnificent sight of Lake Bozhu. Having a dinner behind the oak table, the visitors can move to the bath, and then calm their spirit in a waiting room with a cup of fragrant tea.

Baths with warm water are settled down in original glass house, therefore those who will enjoy hydromassage in a cold season the sensation of warm water-pool on the open air is created. There is nothing more pleasant after the bath to plunge into burning water of cold ice-hole in winter.

There are always such persons who want to retire of large and noisy company. Especially for them the cosy rooms for the rest are established on the second floor of a house.

It would not be desirable to stay in a room in summer at all, therefore visitors can lie on a sandy beach, take a walk, fry a fish or meat in the open furnace, and if it is required, to disappear from curious eyes in a nice place with benches and fountain.

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